Lutron Rotary Dimmer Sports Redesign

From Lutron’s Website:

The original solid-state dimmer, introduced in 1961, sets lights for the perfect mood or ambiance. Rotate to select light level, and either rotate or push to on/off.

  • Features & Specifications
  • Large, easy-to-use knob
  • Available in white or ivory
  • Models available with locator light
  • Matching fan-speed controls available
  • Matching Fassada gloss wallplates available for 1-gang up to 3-gang sizes
  • Electrostatic discharge tested
  • Mechanical air-gap switch to disconnect load power
  • RFI suppression
  • Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association listed
  • Lutron controls are rated at 120 VAC, 60 Hz unless otherwise noted
Lutron Rotary Dimmer
Lutron Rotary Dimmer with night-light

Upon further review the dimmer only does incandescent and halogen loads.  What would it take to have a knob controlled triac dimmer with digital fade that catches up to your analogous turning motions?  I guess we won’t know for now.  These rotary dimmers are just like your step-mother: the new design may seem appealing but underneath its still the same tired 1960’s resistor dimmer that everyone’s had a turn on.  This coupled with the fact it will only take incandescent and halogen loads are the reasons Safe and Sound Electric cannot recommend these.

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