Square D Homeline Circuit Breakers: Cost and Availability King

Times are hard.  Material availability difficulties have been the hallmark driving delays within the construction industry.  Thats why Safe and Sound Electric can help consumers make informed decisions on the products they patronize in their home. I’ve been given so many reasons for material shortages delays; the Evergiven being stuck, hurricanes in the Dominican Republic, the Texas storm, COVID-19, and countless others.  Bottom line is there are breakers that are required to be installed by code and they cannot be purchased from every manufacturer.  The shortage could be likened to having to go to Safeway for eggs, but they are out of milk so you must go to Costco for the milk.  A dedicated electrician knows how to find solutions, commonly same day to solve material shortage woes. As an informed consumer ourselves, we would like to know which store has a banana for sale and is fair value.  I don’t want you to be stuck searching craigslist for breakers […]

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5 Products Safe and Sound Electric can install in your home that save money

Does an Energy Monitor Save You Money? A monitor alone won’t save you money but changing your habits will. All that an energy monitor does is provide accurate electricity usage data to help you identify energy inefficiency, make informed decisions, and track your progress toward energy reduction goals. An energy monitor is a wonderful way to discover power-hungry appliances that may be perniciously stealing energy. This may be a device that you forgot to turn off, an always-on appliance that consumes more electricity than you’d expect or something that isn’t operating properly. Such energy hogs can easily go unnoticed but will show up loud and clear with a monitor like Sense. Sense reports its average user saves 9% on electric bills. Given the average monthly electric bill is $117, or $1,400 per year, an energy monitor saves the average homeowner $126 annually and will pay for itself in about two and a half years. Sense Energy Monitor The Sense Energy […]

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