Siemens Breakers are O.K. Too

In Out article titled “Why GE AFCI Breakers are Ahead of the Curve” We explored the reasons why GE THQL Arc Faults were superior to all other manufacturers’ offerings. 

Today we recognize Siemen’s unique offerings which put them ahead of the curve.

The first feature that Siemens’ new breakers offer is the same advantage GE

Slash Rated 120v/240v breaker

has with its electronic trip unit.  You no longer need to land the neutral on the breaker.  This is all fine and good, there is one major caveat to these breakers which set them behind the GE Arc faults in terms of compatibility: The tandem and single pole Siemens are not “Slash Rated” (read on label as 120/240v)

So you cannot use handle ties.  This gives GE one significant advantage over the Siemens.

There are 2 features that Siemens offer however which make them superior for remodel homes with Siemens or Murray (Yes Siemens breakers are rated for Murray Panels) Main Circuit Breaker Panels, and new construction.

Wire insertion tab indicator

The yellow tabs push in to the case of the breaker as wire is inserted giving

yellow tab indicator on wire lug of breaker

the installer feedback of how deep the conductor should be allowing for and even deeper chin of the molded case to tunnel through before you are in the lug.

We see this feature as muted as the design of the breaker has changed to have a deeper chin, perhaps you will actually need this feedback since it will be more difficult to maneuver the conductor in to place through the expanded case and onto the lug.

Tandem (Peanut) Breakers

Technically peanut breakers are 1/2 size individual breakers, specifically

Tandem Peanut Breakers

made by GE.  Tandem breakers are Peanut’s younger half sibling; they wish they were the original Peanut but are hindered by their inflexibility.

It is nice that Siemens offers essentially 1/2 sized breakers for say that old 20/40 space Murray you may find on occasion and need to sneak a new circuit in.  On New Construction this will also be a  boon as the price point of these considering they are 2 breakers in 1 spot essentially cut costs back to wholesale value in a retail package.

For the Safety Minded Customer

Both GE and Siemens are ahead of the curve in our opinion.  There are situations where Siemens would be more ideal than GE and vice versa.  If you’d like help in your next electrical project don’t hesitate to Countact Safe and Sound Electric, your Kitsap Electrician Call us: 360-633-5413 Text us: 360-633-5413 or email us: [email protected]