Everything you ever wanted to know about copper clad aluminum wiring and its history

IAEI Magazine’s Peter Graser has a great write up: https://iaeimagazine.org/magazine/2016/11/10/copper-clad-aluminum-building-wire-for-use-in-residential-branch-circuit-wiring/ Copper Clad Aluminum Building Wire for Use in Residential Branch Circuit Wiring By Peter Graser – November 10, 2016 Passing the Test of Time From 1972 until 1980, in the wake of the EC grade aluminum fire saga that began in the mid-1960s as a result of the response of the construction industry to record-high copper prices, US residential builders installed copper-clad aluminum (CCA) building wire for residential branch circuits in tens of thousands (perhaps even hundreds of thousands) of single family homes, condominiums and apartments. In the United States, the decades of the 1960s and the 1970s were plagued by record-high copper prices, the war in Vietnam, gasoline shortages, trade embargos, a deep-rooted cultural paradigm-shift, presidential impeachment proceedings, and a severe economic recession. Radicalism, conflict, and unorthodoxy defined the age. With the increase in the number of automobiles, as well as the fear of the increase of inner city […]

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