Kellie K.

Chad is a great a electrician. We needed to upgrade the outlet for our dryer, as the previous owner had grounded the original outlet with a bit of wire wrapped around the screw and extended to the shop sink… Super safe, right?? Well, Chad showed up and had the new wire tide-ly routed and hooked up.

Chad then double checked the dryer’s installation, as we’d paid for the movers to install it when we purchased the set, when he found that the dryer’s installation was also questionable he walked my husband through proper installation so that he can do it again himself.

He was very courteous, and conscientious of the work he did, to the point that even though he hung minimal wire he still had an inspector come to verify his work. Everything was given a double thumbs up from the inspector and from my husband and myself. It’s nice not worrying about potential fires or hours long drying sessions anymore.