1960’s Gig Harbor Architectural Home Remodel

We recently completed a medium sized project in Gig Harbor. It included a 100Amp Sub panel that we hid in the closet of a new office. The office area was completely roughed in from framing to drywall. What was not pictured is also the gorgeous kitchen was completely rewired except wires going into the ceiling as the ceiling was tongue and groove. The downstairs area which consisted of a fountain pump circuit, bathroom floor heat, office outlets for a desk and an outlet and HDMI cable concealed in the wall took 5 days to complete. The large kitchen rewire above this space took an additional week and a half.

The house has a beautiful view of the Puget Sound. The original scope of the project was to only do the new office but we soon found that nearly 90% of the upstairs wiring was on aluminum branch circuits. After we discovered all the small gauge aluminum we recommended to put the rest of the house which where the wiring wasn’t being changed on arc fault circuits. We also put in new Firex Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that communicate through a radio channel as fires are common in homes wired with aluminum. With the 2 additional life safety improvements made and the kitchen rewired the home owners were as relieved as they could be but are awaiting additional work to be performed by us to rewire the rest of the house.

We hid a panel away in the closet.
Bathroom with LED lights and Fan
Family Room
HDMI in Smurph tube for wall hanging TV and an outlet up high on the wall in the Family Room