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Why are my outlets upside down?

The original patent for the “Electrical outlet for three-prong locking plugs,” filed in 1955 by Wilbur R Smith NEMA would recognize as 5-15(p/r) features a diagram of ground side up  Electrical outlet for three-prong locking plugs

In hospitals the AHCA requires the ground prong up.  Many safety publications state that a ground pin upwards shall protect better from sheet metal contacting the hot and the ground-ed-ing conductors.

So why in your home are the outlets orientated one way or the other?  There is no enforceable correct orientation beyond safety in homes.  Here are a few reasons why one outlet might be a different orientation in the house than the others:

  1. Designation of 1/2 hot (1 of the 2 outlets on a “duplex” receptacle outlet) or switched outlets used for freestanding lamps controlled by a switch
  2. Repair that was improperly executed

Now if all the outlets are orientated with ground pin up:

  1. Safety conscience specifications, ignoring societal norms and trendy outlet faux pas
  2. We have come across homes with all ground prongs up but were wired without an equipment grounding conductor. This is not a conforming method of installing a grounding type receptacle.

Are you considering an outlet job?  Give us a call 360-633-5413.  We will install outlets in any orientation you wish, including Bocchi 22

Bocchi 22

Arlington Home Entertainment Boxes

From Arlington TVBS503 Recessed Steel TV Box

Arlington’s TVBS503 provides a secure, easy way to mount a TV flush against a wall. TVBS503 is able to be used for power or low voltage for Class 2 wiring of satellite, cable TV, speakers and more.

The finished job looks great! Plugs and connectors stay inside the box, without extending past the wall.

Comes with a steel box and a paintable white non-metallic trim plate. The steel box is designed for use in new or old commercial work where metal raceway is used. It’s great in hotels and other settings for placing furniture or appliances close to the wall.

We recently installed a 3-gang form factor variation of these behind the TV for 4 outlets, ethernet, and 2 HDMI keystone jacks.  These are awesome!

Arlington’s TVBS503