Arlington’s TVBS503

Arlington Home Entertainment Boxes

From Arlington TVBS503 Recessed Steel TV Box

Arlington’s TVBS503 provides a secure, easy way to mount a TV flush against a wall. TVBS503 is able to be used for power or low voltage for Class 2 wiring of satellite, cable TV, speakers and more.

The finished job looks great! Plugs and connectors stay inside the box, without extending past the wall.

Comes with a steel box and a paintable white non-metallic trim plate. The steel box is designed for use in new or old commercial work where metal raceway is used. It’s great in hotels and other settings for placing furniture or appliances close to the wall.

We recently installed a 3-gang form factor variation of these behind the TV for 4 outlets, ethernet, and 2 HDMI keystone jacks.  These are awesome!

Arlington’s TVBS503

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