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Arlington Home Entertainment Boxes

From Arlington TVBS503 Recessed Steel TV Box

Arlington’s TVBS503 provides a secure, easy way to mount a TV flush against a wall. TVBS503 is able to be used for power or low voltage for Class 2 wiring of satellite, cable TV, speakers and more.

The finished job looks great! Plugs and connectors stay inside the box, without extending past the wall.

Comes with a steel box and a paintable white non-metallic trim plate. The steel box is designed for use in new or old commercial work where metal raceway is used. It’s great in hotels and other settings for placing furniture or appliances close to the wall.

We recently installed a 3-gang form factor variation of these behind the TV for 4 outlets, ethernet, and 2 HDMI keystone jacks.  These are awesome!

Arlington’s TVBS503

Square D Homeline Circuit Breakers: Cost and Availability King

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(c) 3-02-2022 – Roger W Hancock



The Great Seattle Banana Shortage – Every Crisis, Any Year

Times are hard.  Material availability difficulties have been the hallmark driving delays within the construction industry.  Thats why Safe and Sound Electric can help consumers make informed decisions on the products they patronize in their home.

I’ve been given so many reasons for material shortages delays; the Evergiven being stuck, hurricanes in the Dominican Republic, the Texas storm, COVID-19, and countless others.  Bottom line is there are breakers that are required to be installed by code and they cannot be purchased from every manufacturer.  The shortage could be likened to having to go to Safeway for eggs, but they are out of milk so you must go to Costco for the milk.  A dedicated electrician knows how to find solutions, commonly same day to solve material shortage woes.

As an informed consumer ourselves, we would like to know which store has a banana for sale and is fair value.  I don’t want you to be stuck searching craigslist for breakers or trying to buy them from amazon retailers for inflated prices.

So here are our Availability and Cost picks for 2022:

Square D Homeline

No surprise here Homeline is the most available and most competed for breaker product you can buy.  If you want to be sure your project is done on time with minimal surprises go Homeline.


ABB must be doing something different than Cooper.  We’ve had good experience procuring GE brand breakers and a number of retailers and wholesalers.


This is a surprise.  While not available everywhere, Leviton breaker products are very widely available after they changed from a hydraulic magnetic to a thermal magnetic trip unit.


We would put GE, Leviton, and Siemens in the same tier for cost and availability.


Lutron Rotary Dimmer Sports Redesign

From Lutron’s Website:

The original solid-state dimmer, introduced in 1961, sets lights for the perfect mood or ambiance. Rotate to select light level, and either rotate or push to on/off.

  • Features & Specifications

  • Large, easy-to-use knob
  • Available in white or ivory
  • Models available with locator light
  • Matching fan-speed controls available
  • Matching Fassada gloss wallplates available for 1-gang up to 3-gang sizes
  • Electrostatic discharge tested
  • Mechanical air-gap switch to disconnect load power
  • RFI suppression
  • Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association listed
  • Lutron controls are rated at 120 VAC, 60 Hz unless otherwise noted

Upon further review the dimmer only does incandescent and halogen loads.  What would it take to have a knob controlled triac dimmer with digital fade that catches up to your analogous turning motions?  I guess we won’t know for now.  These rotary dimmers are just like your step-mother: the new design may seem appealing but underneath its still the same tired 1960’s resistor dimmer that everyone’s had a turn on.  This coupled with the fact it will only take incandescent and halogen loads are the reasons Safe and Sound Electric cannot recommend these.

If you’d like to install a dimmer, contact Safe and Sound Electric. Safe and sound electric is a premier installer of dimming products for lighting equipment but check out all of our other services also!